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Q How long does a survey take?
A A survey on a typical four-bedroomed property takes up to one hour. More time is needed for larger properties. Processing/submitting data and producing the Certificate is then done off-site.
Q When and how do I receive my Certificate?
A Your Certificate will be generated by Home EPC Ltd. within 24 hours of the survey and will normally be made available, as part of the HIP, by the party responsible for marketing your property.
Q How long is the Certificate valid for?
A At the present time, your Energy Performance Certificate will be valid for 12 months from the date of the survey (if your home is marketed for sale and subject to the HIPS Regulations) - otherwise it is valid for 10 years.
Q How much does it cost?
A Our pricing policy is market led. Our fees are subject to continual review, to ensure we remain competitive. We are happy to quote on an individual basis.
Q How and when do I pay?
A Please see our Terms & Conditions for payment.

* Our pricing structure is subject to continual review to ensure we remain competitive.

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